People Of Inspiration

Who this Website is dedicated too

This website is dedicated to multipile people who have had an impact in my life. The way I think imagine and go about daily life is porpotioned to the people that this website is dedicated too. The people who have inspired me range in different diversity and each their own life story that helps me dectiate many things.For the begining of this website I would like to give brief summaries to each person who has inspired me and what each of them have done in their lifetime.

Ceasar Millan

Cesar Millan born César Felipe Millán Favela in August 27, 1969 is a Mexican-American dog behaviourist. He is widely known for his television series Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, broadcast in more than one hundred countries worldwide. Prior to The Dog Whisperer series, Millan focused on rehabilitating severely aggressive dogs and founded the Dog Psychology Center I in East Los Angeles which later moved to its permanent home in Santa Clarita, California.

To me Ceasar Millan means a lot since he was able to ignite my passion for dogs and to understand them better. He has also given me hop that there is awlays a way to overcome obstacles even when you have nothing.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Charles Reeves, was born September 2, 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon. He is the son of Patricia Taylor, a showgirl and costume designer, and Samuel Nowlin Reeves, a geologist. Keanu's father was born in Hawaii, and Keanu's mother is originally from England. After his parents' marriage dissolved, Keanu moved with his mother and younger sister, Kim Reeves, to New York City, then Toronto. Stepfather #1 was Paul Aaron, a stage and film director - he and Patricia divorced within a year.In high school, Reeves was lukewarm toward academics but took a keen interest in ice hockey as team goalie and was also interested in drama.He eventually dropped out of school to pursue an acting career.

Keanu is a very big insiration to me since he has had many difficulties and heart brea=ks in his past, and even though he has had a very sad past the person he is today is humble, generous and kind at heart.

Masahiro Sakurai

Masahiro Sakurai was born on August 3, 1970, in Musashimurayama, Tokyo, Japan. One of Sakurai's earliest experiences in the video game industry began when he worked for HAL Laboratory, where he created the character Kirby at age 19 and directed his first title, Kirby's Dream Land. Sakurai left HAL on August 5, 2003, after growing tired of the sequelization passively forced by HAL, ending his work on the Kirby series.

As a creator of one of the video games industry's biggest franchise Mahasahiro Sakurai gives inspirtaion to me through self-presveration and determination. Hard and retletess work give you back what you have put into it and that's what Masahiro Sakurai repesents.

Satoshi Tagiri

Born August 28, 1965, Satoshi Tajiri is a Japanese video game designer best known as the creator of Nintendo's Pokémon franchise and the founder and CEO of video game developer Game Freak. As a child, Tajiri enjoyed insect collecting as a hobby, which would be an inspiration for his later video game work. Other children called him "Dr. Bug", and he wanted to become an entomologist. His interest eventually evolved into attempting to plan his own games. He took his Famicom apart to see how it worked, and won a contest for a video game idea sponsored by Sega.Because of his fascination with video games, Tajiri frequently cut classes and nearly did not graduate high school. This confused and upset his parents, who felt that he was discarding his own future.

Satoshi Tagiri gives me hope for the future as first he had an idea then contiuned to look for ways to build upon it and in the end create a video game that almost everyone knows about and still toothis day. Satoshi Tagiri reminds people that chasing your passion means a lot too you so follow it, even though others may want you to do something else take a chance to make your dream come true.