Welcome to my website featuring four people who are inspirations in my life. These four ladies have been amazing role models for me in the past year and I am so thankful for each of them. Today I am happy I get to share these wonderful humans with you and I hope that you can be inspired by their love, kindness, and joy just like I have.

In the months leading up to me finding out about these ladies I was anxious and lonely. I worried about my future and what would come after highschool. I was hurting because I had such a hard time finding people my age to turn to and connect with. When I first discovered Sadie Robertson's instagram and started reading through her posts I felt myself relax and I didn't feel so alone. It was soon after that I discovered Emma Mae and Georgia's instagrams, and then their YouTube channels. Hearing them talk about friendship and being confident, and seeing how joyful they were in their faith and how passionate they were about being kind really drew me out of my hole and made me realize that I am not alone.

When I started spending more time on YouTube, listening to Sadie's, Emma's, and Georgia's videos is when I found Kristin's channel. Kristin is not quite like the other girls but she is still so inspiring. Kristin is confident and funny and inspired me to work out more and try new styles and not be afraid to be myself. Her videos are fun to watch when I have free time and her baking videos have inspired me to make yummy treats!

If you are a teenager or young adult girl in need of encouragement, check out the other pages and learn more about each one of these amazing ladies and find out what makes them so inspiring to me!

Thanks for stopping by
- Abigail