People of Inspiration

This Project Will Talk About:

This page will be about the people who have inspired me, and who i feel have had a positive influence on me. Some are famous people and some are people i know personaly. There are lots of people who inspire me, but i chose these people because i felt like they have inspired me the most. I will give you there background through a biography and then i will talk about why they inspire me.

Why Do They Inspire Me?

My dad inspires me because hes a good guy and has raised me to be who i am, hes gone trhough some tough times but he has stayed strong. Gordon Ramsey inspires me because hes really rich and a really good chef. I also enjoy watching his tv shows. Mike trout inspries me because he started out as a normal kid in new jersey, and has become one of the greatest baseball players right now, and he's also really rich.

I actually did a presentation on Todd Howard when i was in 8th grade when we had to pick people who inspired us. At that time i really wanted to be a video game designer, but that has since changed. He inspres me because he started out with a dream of wanting to develop video games and now hes was one of the lead designers at Bethesda Games.