People of Inspiration

This site will share with you my personal four people, fiction and non-fiction people, who have inspired me to be the person I am today. These four people have made major impacts in my life. When I share these four people with you, you may laugh at first but these people have showed me what it means to be the best person one can be to others around me. The characteristics and qualities that I find in Robert Downey Jr., Akira Toriyama, Deywane Johnson, and Spider-Man are...

About The Author Of The Website

Gabriel Barron is a highschool Senior, who's finishing up his last year at Inderkum High. He grew up and has lived in the city of Sacramento for all of his life. Although he is in high school, he has taken college courses ENGWR362, ENGWR499, ENGWR300, ENGWR302, POLS301, PHYSC300, PHIL300 with American River College (ARC). These courses would already have earned him 21 tranferable college credits from ARC to any college. With those credits, he plans to have his first year of college already almost completed. He plans on going to a four-year college to earn his degree in Game development to eventually code and program games for major gaming companies. His choices of four-year colleges are primarly in-state; UC Irvine, Chico State, Sac State, and Nuemont: Institute of Technology, are his top 4 colleges he would like to get into.