ITGS Website Tech Assignment

In Dreamweaver,open last weeks assignment titled "last_first_webpage.html" - Resave (DO NOT RENAME) as "last_first_personal_webpage.html" - Use and for resources

  1. Make the following changes to your original website (assignment found HERE)
    1. apply sections tags <header> and <section> - make sure all the appropriate information is in those section
    2. Create a list WITHIN a list (double indented)
    3. Apply a background image that fills the whole screen and is sized correctly (apply to body)
    4. Create and apply at least one ID
    5. Create and apply at least one class
    6. Insert a 3x3 table that contains the numbers 1 through 9
    7. Change the font of the header
    8. Change the font of the section (make it different from the header)
  2. If you have time, add any additional changes that make your page look good (divs, Google Fonts, backgrounds, images, etc)
  3. Save a copy of this page in the IHSINBOX for grading