ITGS Website Tech Assignment

In any text editor (notepad (PC), Text Edit (Mac), Text Editor Extention, NotePad++) create a new page titled "last_first_webpage.html" saved on your local drive.

  1. Change the background color and the font color in the embedded/Internal CSS within the <head>(all styles should be done in the head section ONLY)
  2. In the head section, add a title that is your name.
  3. In the body, create a center aligned Header (h1) in Arial font titled with your full name
  4. Create a center aligned paragraph in a Times New Roman font, describing your favorite website
  5. Underneath that paragraph, make 2 links: one to, and one to the website you wrote about.
  6. Put both link in an unordered list.
  7. If you have extra time, add any additional changes that make your page look good (divs, Google Fonts, backgrounds, images, etc)
  8. Submit HTML file to Google Classroom for grading