Project Failure Case Study

You will have three days to work on this project. On the fourth day you will give a presentation.

You will research the case studies below and investigate what happened, what went wrong, and what mistakes could be avoided next time. You will apply your knowledge to clearly identify the mistakes that were made in the context of IT Systems in Organisations and SDLC.

Your presentation will be 3-4 minutes long. You will be required to export your finished presentation and add it to THIS website.

Your presentation should evaluate your IT Project failure in a style simular to the paper 2 questions. This is NOT a paper 2 assignment, only that the 4 criteria of paper 2 are a good framework to meet the goal of this Case Study.

Criterion A — The issue and stakeholder(s)  [4 marks]

Criterion B — The IT concepts and processes[6 marks]

Criterion C — The impact of the social/ethical issue(s) on stakeholders[8 marks]

Criterion D — A solution to a problem arising from the article[8 marks]

Use THIS website for guidance on answers these questions.

You should also focus on the specific aspect of the ITGS triangle.

Possible Case Study Topics:


Case Study: FBI Virtual Case File (VCF) project

The FBI's Upgrade That Wasn't (Washington Post) is a good introduction to the FBI's Virtual Case File (VCF) project.

Case Study: FBI Sentinel project


Case Study: NHS National Programme for IT


Case Study: Air Force Expeditionary Combat Support System


Case Study: Canadian Ministry of Children and Family Development

The Canadian Ministry of Children and Family Development may have to abandon a $180 million computer system after a report found flaws in its functionality and usability.


Case Study: BBC's Digital media Initiative

The BBC abandoned its Digital Media Initiative project in 2013 after spending almost £100 million. The project never became operational before it was scrapped.