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The following web pages are about online streamers who make the online streaming site "Twitch" a better place. Twitch is an online streaming platform where a person can perform any actions, under legal circumstances, and publicize it to people. The platform helps service content creation to streamers, and can financial boost an individual if successful.These streamers also tend to post their content on the site Youtube as well. Audiences can be varied, however; the following people that are mentioned have positively influenced and helped people through their forms of entertainment. All have shown to have cared for their viewers, and stand as a friend to those watching them. Each person's page will be a bio of who that person is, as well as why that person has had some form of influence on me.In addition, the content displayed throughout each individual appeals to specific audiences.

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Gamer, comedy video creator and podcaster who has earned more than 400,000 subscribers for his channel. He primarily enjoyed sandbox and tycoon games and has streamed on Twitch as well.
Content creator on YouTube who amassed more than 750,000 subscribers thanks to his popular "A Glorious Guide on How to Play...." series.
This popular online gamer and YouTube personality became famous for his Let's Play series of videos documenting his gaming sessions.
Ludwig Ahgren
Ludwig Ahgren born July 6, 1995 is a Twitch Streamer/YouTube Creator/Melee Commentator/Jigglypuff Main/Friend of Slime currently living in California.