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By Keith Crum

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A role of leadership that has affected my life drastically is joining a competitive soccer team at the age of eleven. When I was ten I played for a terrible recreational soccer league that was unorganized and sloppy. For my eleventh birthday my parents decided to let me try out for a high division and in an more competitive league. This allowed to me understand the skills and physical capability I would need to join an future competitive teams. The tryouts were laid out over a two week period and were two hours each day. After every three days the coach would cut anywhere from five to ten players, this added on to the stress levels of the tryout and made it more of a mental game then a physical one. On the very last day of tryouts the coaches said the players lasts names outloud and those names were the deciding names for the new year's roster. I had never played for this league, coach and only knew a selected amount of players. The coach said said my last name and said that I was going to be playing the captains role position throughout the entire season. I was honored to take on the position, and made me more confident to try to help other individuals and make us function better as a team. In order to be the best captain I could be, I took two five hour leadership courses online that helped me understand the responsibilities I would need to acquire in order to be a leader. As a captain I got to decide which drills we were going to perform at practice and who would be in the starting line-ups before games. When being a captain you also have the power to talk to the referee appropriately and try to alter a bad decision. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to play as a captain and fully understand what it takes to be a responsible and adequate leader. That decision of accepting the role was a turning point in my life because I now want to take on more roles in my life where I fall under the leader position. I get my creative ability from my dad as he was an artist for the first twenty years of his life. As he got older he started going to college and pursuing a professional graphic designing job. This job allowed him to program in three different languages and draw in numerous amount of 3D modeling tools. When I turned seven, my dad taught me how to operate on my own computer. For the first year on a computer I mainly just played brain games that my dad had set up for me to play. After I had beat all the games on the computer, I asked my dad to teach me how to draw in the same type of 3D modeling tools that he was using. By the time I was ten I had already had a basic understanding in most of the main tools (Blender, Unity, Sketchup, Gimp, Paint). As a hobby on the weekends my dad and I would have competitions on who could create the more realistic objects. These objects ranged from cars, house to entire neighborhoods. I created a model spaceship from the movie Enders Game and spent over thirty hours myself designing it. The whole process ranged from extruding an original cube into a spaceship, all the way to applying realistic textures and lighting to make the perfect image. 3D modeling is where I can create almost any image that comes to my mind and is useful for many school projects where we’re supposed to create something unique.