Hello World

Welcome to my Web Page!

I'm excited to start workign on my first real website and start creating wokr of my own. Here are some things to know about me:

My plans after high school:

I'm not fully sure about what I want to do after high school but I have a few things I'd consider getting into like business, music, healthcare, e-commerce, or real estate. I've been in band for 3 years now and I love making music with a passion! I also have a lot of interest in e-commerce and real estate because a lot of money goes into them. It's really beneficial these days because everything is practically done online. For my interest in healthcare, I'm really fascinated with the brain and how it works. I love how you can put a picture, an ink blot in better words, in front of two people and their brains could interpret the picture differently even though they're looking at the same thing.