People of Inspiration

The People that Inspire Me:

Picture of Jeremy Wade

Jeremy Wade:

Why is he important to me? The British host and star of shows: River Monsters, Mighty Rivers, and Dark Waters, was a key person in my childhood development. When i was little what I wanted to be wasn't an astronaut, or a doctor, or a firefigher, it was to be a Marine Biologist. I came to develop this love for aquatic animals and wanting to learn more about them was partly because of Jeremy Wades shows, mainly being River Monsters. This show was all about catching dangerous and interesting fish in rivers. He would go all around the world catching these dangerous fish. He even went to Chernobyl to catch a radioactive catfish. Seeing thse shows when I was little showed me the wonders of aquatic animals, not just the fish in the sea but even the fish in the rivers around the world. I would watch his shows whenever they came on the T.V. The inspiration and events from this show will forever be implanted into my memory.
Picture of David Attenborough

David Attenborough:

Why is he important to me? The British producer and host on multiple education and entertainment documentaries helped with my knowledge about the animals and life besides humans. This is important to me since I have always loved to learn about animals especially reptiles and fish so having documentaries especially with his voice and knowledge impacted my early teens and childhood deeply. I would recomend most of his documentaries not just only for the interesting information inside of them but due to his wonder voice as well. Without Mr. Attenborough I would have developed my knowledge on different species and would have unlocked more of a love for different animals and the way they live.
Picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Why is he important to me? Arnold Schwarzenegger was a main part of my movie watching in my early teens. His movies have enlightened me on amazing movies and on an amazing actor. Without Schwarzenegger there would be no Terminator, Predetor, or other of his most famous movies. Another reason why he is important to me is due to his character. He has always pushed for what he wants to do no matter what. Whether is be bodybuilding to acting to politics, whatever he wants to succeed in he will. The drive on what he wants to succeed in is what makes him an important person to me. It has taught me to always try on what you want to succeed in and that if you continue to push and work hard you will become successful.
Picture of Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves:

Why is he important ot me? Keanu Reeves is improtant to me due to his good character and how he doesn't let any situation stop him from succeeding. His character is someone who cares about other no matter it be in work or outside of work. This is important to me since it tells me that there is people who truly care about others no matter what status. Keanue Reeves didn't have the best home life due to him and his mom moving from place to place country to country. Although this can have strong affects on a person Keanu Reeves didn't let it stop him succeeding in what he wanted to do, whether it be a successful goalkeeper for hockey or his acting career. This trait of Keanu Reeves is important to me because it will help inspire me to continue to push and work hard because I know I haven't had it as bad as others and if they can succeed then I can succeed.