People of Inspiration

On this website we will be talking about 4 atheletes that inspire me to do better. I'll be talking about Reece james,Kobe Bryant,Christian Pulisic,and Neymar Jr. I'll be going over thier accomplishments over their playing career as only one of the 4 actually got to retire. I'll also explain how these players motivate me to be a better athelete every passing day.

Reece James is a 22 year old soccer player that plays for Chelsea FC.
HE was born in redbridge,greater london coming from a family all involved with soccer.
Christian Pulisic
Is an American Winger that plays for Chelsea FC and the USMNT.
Kobe Bryant
Kobe was an American Basketball player that played for the LA Lakers.
Neymar Jr
Is a brazilian Soccer player that plays for French Giants PSG.