People of Inspiration: Boxing

Who am I?

Hey, my name is Zeshean Khan! I grew up in Sacramento Ca and I am currently a student at Inderkum High School. My personal boxing experience starts off as a kid when my dad encouraged me to do boxing in different clubs and different forms at the age of 7 and told me stories of great boxers like Muhammad Ali, Prince Naseem Hamed, Mike Tyson etc and since then I have loved the sport. My childhood consist of boxing for years, keeping up with the boxing world, and even done research projects on boxing in school. So when it comes to the sport of boxing, you can say im pretty knowledgeable.

Whats This Website About?

This website will be on my opinion of who I believe are some of the few inspirational boxers of all time. This list of mine will Include Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, Muhhamad Ali, and Even Naseem Hamed. In each page about the boxers you are able to read on their struggles to success which makes them so great and onto the right you'll see what I believe are each fighters top 5 boxing fights in their boxing career. Everything said is either has been researched or based on personal opinion.