People of Inspiration


In this webpage, you will be taken through a list with numerous amounts of information about a selected amount of people whom inspire the student Abiel Gutierrez. In this webapge, you will be following the stories and the ways that the following people are inspiring.
  1. Home Page:
    the home page will tell you short details about these peoples careers but the links will lead you to webpages with details and reasons why they're inspiring. You will go through a webpage about Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Lionel Messi, and Stephen Curry.
  2. Kobe Bryant:
    A former player for the Los Angeles Lakers, well known for a variety of things. Bryant was a recognized player for his mentality and for his remarkable success as a basketball player, an inspiration to others. Following the footsteps of his father, Joe Bryant, who was also a professional basketball player in Italy and in the NBA. Unlike his father, Kobe strived for more, he worked endlessly to become more than a shadow of his fathers success. He broke the player of the year awards in Pennsylvania set by Wilt Chamberlain with a staggering 2,883 points.
  3. LeBron James:
    widely known across the world as one, if not the greatest basketball player of all time. James is known for leading various teams without all stars to the NBA playoffs, event winning a various amount of rings. Also known as “The Chosen One” he was the biggest prediction to be the greatest basketball player after Michael Jordan. LeBron also won many other awards such as the rookie of the year award on his first season, he was recognized as a threat. He was the first draft pick for the Cleveland Cavaliers and signed a 90 Million dollar contract with Nike before his first NBA appearance.
  4. Lionel Messi:
    Messi is known as the Greatest of all time when it comes to soccer/ fútbol. He is known for having the most awards and being the greatest when it came to majority of stats by a landslide. Lionel came to the Spanish league of soccer at the most competitive stage at the age of 17. He was projected to be one of greatest players, but became the greatest player in fútbol history. He was loved in his new home in Spain but as a Argentine born player, he played for their national team. A lot of the time Argentina would limit and judge Messi because of his lack of a world cup trophy, they were upset at the contrast in success from the major success internationally in Europe. He then went against these allegations and won the world cup trophy for Argentina in 2022 as well as being the only soccer player in history to win The World Cup’s Golden Ball twice.
  5. Stephen Curry:
    Steph Curry is known for being the one of the greatest shooters of all time in NBA history. Curry is also recognized for leading the Golden State Warriors to the NBA Championships for 4 seasons and having the best regular season record in history.
In conclusion, these people are widely successful for their high amounts of success in their career and their recognition worldwide for being successful in their fields and taking that to championship and worldwide records.