Home Page: Autobiography Website

Hello, My name is Abiel Gutierrez and in this webpage I will introduce you to some of the basic things in my life. these are things and people around me who mean a lot to me as well as how much they influence and affect who I am. this webpage will take you and explain parts of my life that I think are some of the most sucessful and most important things about me that mean a lot to me.

This project is also something that will walk you through what my plans and goals for the future, these goals and plans will be part of what I am and plan to follow for my future and to keep myself sucessful. I hope that these things spark interest as well as keep the reader interest since these are important to me and talking about them is something that I am lucky to do thanks to the people around me

in this page I will spcefically talk about my family, how they have helped me and supported me. I will expand on how my parents have been influential figures and how they always try to steer and push me to be a better verison of myself. I will talk about how they have helped me through all different points and stages pf my life. I will also make sure to include my siblings and how much they have also helped in shaping who I am. from teaching me simple things to things like enjoying time with me they have also shaped me because family is a big part of my heart.

I will talk about my friends, similarly to my family I will talk about their constant support and change in the ways that they have helped me mold my ideas of sucess and stand with goals and challenges and helped me work throughout them.

I will expand on some of my challenges faced and mainly talk about the bigger ones. I will also ignore some because I want to stay focused on the idea of who I am today, so issues like something like loosing family or stuff like that will likely stay out. I will talk about my sucess through those challnges and the harships I had to face through them. these challenges will later also connect to my plans after high school and what I will and what I want to do, this is because these challenges have put ideas in me that I want to fulfill.

ultimatly, I will also talk about my hobbies and activities that I like doing. these will be expanded upon and talk about the main ones. this is to give the reader a sense of direction and ideas of who I am and what things take out my time. then on the other page I will talk about goals and ambitions to give the reader a blueprint of what I am working towards compared to your basic High Scool student to give the reader a sense of informative for them to see from my eyes.

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