Who is this?

What is this guy made of?
Full name Luke Alexander Basco
Height 5'9
Weight 144 lbs.
Age 17
Date of Birth March 31, 2006
Place of Birth Sacramento, Ca

My name is Luke Basco. I was born here in Sacramento and am currently a student at Inderkum High School. I’m in my senior year of high school and I’m going to talk about who I am, my growth as a person, and how I aim to move forward in my life. For a little bit about my background, I was born in Sacramento. Specifically the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. Most of my youth in my infant years were spent at a census-designated area called Plumas Lake. I had lived in my maternal grandparents’ house and later moved to my paternal grandparents’ house. That was the house where I had spent some of my childhood and attended school. I had then moved to Natomas and transferred to the schools there. My parents are David and Claire Basco. They work in the medical field as Nurse Practitioners. My sister is Sophia Basco. She is the youngest in my family, and I’m three years older than her. We spent our childhood together, took care of each other, and continue to live independently as people today.