The people that inspire me in
my day to day life

Site Overview

This web page is being designed in mind of catalouging 4 people, whether fictional or not, that have inspired me in some way or another. I wish to speak about all of them in lengthy detail, while also explaining how they touched onto me personally. All of these guys hold some form of emotional weight to my heart, and as the list goes on it will get more and more into utter nonsense. But I assure you that I will stay on topic as much as a 17 year old teenager can muster. Although with how much space I have to fill I dont think staying on topic will help me all that much.

But for what purpose?

The reason for this website being made is because of a big challenge project from my Web Design class, which is supposed to be a big project that I need to put all my effort into. Also because its fun to code. I am excited to partake in this project, and it will give me the time and the freedom to really think about and look at how my creative process works. Maybe it will give a little bit of insight into who I am. Hopefully this read is not boring to you, as I am trying to get this page to be longer than normal, because if I do not get it a certain length, I will for sure fail. Which is why I am writing so much, yet it feels like so little. I think I should get on to the smaller writes of the people I will be talking about, a small little breifing before we get into the massive paragraphs and all that.

The Short and Sweet synopsis that you all have been waiting for

A Very Good Friend Of Mine

Now this wonderful gentlmen right here is scott jackson, who is my best friend and also the very first pick for this project actually. a very cool dude in my opinion, he never let his struggles hold him down and keep him in the dumps for long, because who would? yeah he has been through a lot and yeah it was kind of beating his ass of late, but everythings better now. A cool guy with a cool atitude and a can do attitude that cant be forgotten. This fella has a really good work etihic too, which sometimes can be lackluster at worst, but he really knows how to pull himself out of a sticky situation, which I think is very inspiring, hence, he is on this here list right here. I still would fight him though, and probably lose, but thats beside the point.

The Guy That Led To Me Being Born

Now this guy is my father, Marco Nicolas Moreno, who I think is the most inspiring person in my life right now. He works super hard for his family (me and my siblings), and still makes time to hang out with us and with his friends. A very organized and moral-stricken man, he is who I will try to be as I grow older, because he is simply a really respectful man who deserves respect for all the hard work he does for us, his family. Also hes just pretty damn cool, and I know that when I say that it might mean less, but I really do mean it. He is pretty damn cool, still probably being able to kick my ass in any shooter we pick up, even if I have had practice, he is just that good. look, all im saying is my dad is a pretty good guy who I want to aspire to be in the future, and while also trying to spite him for trying to send me to the military.

The Markiplier Guy From The Internet

Now this very cool guy is markiplier, who is a really big youtuber with around 35 million subscribers, and billions of views on his channel. He is one of the internets most favorite creators, because he is just that kind, humble, and funny. People who dont like him ususally have a dogshit reason as for why, which makes sense. You cant really hate on a man with little to no faults. Not only is his content good, like his many horror videos that are just a joy to watch, but also his other projects that he puts in a ton of effort to get out there into the public, and here is a list of a few that have or are coming out:

all of course being very impressive and has a lot of detail and effort and creativity into it. And thats just it about markiplier right here, is that its creative. its different. Its Innovative. And thats why I find him inspiring. Because he doesnt just do the same old thing all the time, he likes to innovate and change up the formula once in a while, and I just cant help but admire and respect that.

The Guy Who Has Me Facinated By Science

Now John Hammond is the last man on this list, and sadly I did not have the chance to speak about him as I would have liked, Which really sucks, because I really did have a good amount to say about him, like how he really did inspire me to start being facinated by science, and how I saw through the jurassic park how one mans ambition can lead to disaserous results if not kept to the upmost check, as another one of my favorite characters Ian Malcolm pointed out. A good but flawed character, who I just could not help but like, what with his joyous attitude and grandpa-like manner. A sweet old guy who got a little too ambitious. He serves as a good cautiouary tale that you cannoy control nature, as life will always find a way. very nuts to think about. Now just because I like science doesnt mean I want to go into palentology. But it did jump start that curiousity for me, and I just can help but respect him for that, because now I am trying to pursue a career in a science feild. which I think is pretty inspiring If I do say so myself.