All About Me

My name is Mikayla. I am in 11th grade and taking Web Page Design Class as my first period this 2023-2024 school year. For this Final Project I will have made this autobiography Web Page. I will have explained who and what made me who I am today. The main features of my life are my family, friends, family vacations, acro, my goals, my childhood stories, and my favorites. On my Web Page You can clearly see 8 links. If you click on each one you can get to know me a little better.

The things I enjoy most in life are as follow:

Under Acro, you will find my journey through the sport of acrobatic gymnastics. I have been competing in acro for four years now but I got my start in artistic gymnastics. Under the Family tab, you can learn all about who my family is. Under the Goals tab I will explain all of my aspirations in life and who my inspiration comes from. You will learn all of my favorites under the Favorites tab of course. Under my Friends tab, I will explain who my second family is. My Family Vacations tab will show you where my favorite place in the whole world is. Lastly, my Childhood Stories tab, which will give you a good story and will make you laugh a little I hope. ...oh and I have to explain, I don’t have many good pictures of me, hence why the picture above is from when I was 3. My dad used to put my hair into high pig-tails and keep my bangs out.