Tech Assignment 1

Hello, my name is Nathan Taghap and I am a senior that attends Inderkum High School. My favorite activities are to indulge in physical sports or to just kick back and relax. The reason why I am taking this web design class is because I need technology credits in order to graduate high school, but more importantly, this class has piqued me interest quite a lot. There are many things in this class that I have never known before. I have been using technology all of my life and spend a lot of time on a computer myself, but I had never heard of CSS or HTML before. Learning these things has opened my eyes to the realm of possibilities of other things that I have never even heard of either. So far, I am enjoying my time in this class as it is relaxing and you can go at your own pace and mostly self-taught which I very much enjoy. It is not too easy, but yet not too difficult. I have also never been to one of the classrooms where it is just full of computers, or a computer lab, and seeing this many computers seemed very interesting to me.

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