Usman Shahid

People Who Inspire Me


What is this Website About?

This site will talk about four people that inspire me, who are the authors Rick Riordan, Stuart Gibbs, and Anthony Horowitz, and my older brother, Omor. This site will go in-depth with each of the four people on their own page. I chose to write about these four people specifically, as the authors inspired me to read more, while my brother inapired mw to keep going after I fail.

Rick Riordan, Stuart Gibbs, and Anthony Horowitz helped me indiretly by making me enjoying reading with their family-friendly humor and their addictive writing styles. My older brother Omor helped me directly by going over my math, which made me want to keep going in math, even if I don't do well on a test. I hope that these people will also inspire you.

Content Summary

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  2. Rick Riordan: He wrote multiple book series based on different types of mythology, such as the Percy Jackson series. Riordan inspired me to branch out and read myths besides Greek and Roman, such as Japanese mythology and Bengali mythology.

  3. Stuart Gibbs: The author of many series on action and adventure, such as the Spy School and Funjungle series, Gibbs inspired me to read different spy and mystery books, such as Masud Rana and The Hardy Boys. He also inspired me to make my own spy book for families and to have humor included.

  4. Anthony Horowitz: The author of the Alex Rider series, Horowitz first introduced to teen spies and spies in general. He also inspired me to make my own spy book about an international teen spy.

  5. Omor (My brother): My older brother Omor, is an aspiring composer, and inspires me to keep going, even if I fail the first time, as he keeps going to challenging classes in college.