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This website is about me. You will find who I am, about my friends and family, hobbies, goal, childhood stories, life after high school, and family history.

My name is Yug Surti and I was born on the 10th May, 2009 in Patan, India. We are 2 sibling in my family and I'm first one. My mother names is Rina Surti, she is also from Patan and my father name is Dhaval Surti, he is also from Patan. I had happy childhood and become more interesting when my small brother was born in 2017. I was very naughty in my childhood. During weekends, we usually spend time going out for trips or sometimes to stay home and enjoy together. My family was a happy and a loving family.

I was born in Patan but we moved to Ahmedabad and did my elementary school and middle school there. I did good in my elementary school and that much I was naughty, so many complains came about me. I was average student in middle school. During corona lockdown, I was weak in my all subjects. I did school online for 2 years and in that two years my result was very bad. I could not pay attention in online classes.

Then we moved to Visakhapatnam situated in South India. There in my school, the education system was amazing and teachers also taught properly, so my all my weaker subjects transform into strong subject and I scored good in results. I lived 2 years there and then again moved to Ahmedabad and did 4 months in school and moved to America. Now, in America and I’m doing great in my studies and want to continue my education by scoring good and gain knowledge.