Aniya Palmer
People of Inspiration

The Awesome four

This page this dedicated to people I look up to and admire.Alothought there are many more, the main for I chose are CoryxKenshin, Zendaya, Scott Cawthon and last but defintley not least, RDCworld1. I grew up watching and seeing all these people grow into what they are now.

A little about them

Cory was one of the first people on this list beacuase I've known of him the longest. I've been watching him for a very long time.
Zendaya was always someone I admired. She never seems lets what others say get to her.
Scott Cawthon
Scott Cawthon is the creater of a well known series of video-games. I always enjoyed watching others play until I built up the courage to play some of the games myself.
A RDCworld1 is a group of youtubers who make anime and gaming skits. They are overall really funny and enjoyable to watch.