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what is this website about?

This page is dedicated to no one other than me of course. This website will consist of my Favorite things, hobbies,and things I want for myself in the near coming future.

A little family history:

I live in a two story home with my Brother, Sister, Dad, and Mom. Together we make up a family of five. On my Moms side a have One grandma Technically two grandpas but, the first one ive only met once. One Auntie and one Uncle. My Dads side has one grandpa and two grandmas. I also have three uncles and four aunties. Two of those aunties were married into my family. Currently I have two cousins with one on the way right now. All those cousins are from my dads side, at least for right now.

My moms Side of the family live out here in california near us. My dad's mom lives in california with her husband but my dad's dad lives in Los Angeles With his wife. Bothe of my dads Parents have a small dog which I think is a little funny .