Martin Luther King Jr.

What Did They Do?

Martin Luther King Jr. was a baptist Minister and activist, he was considered one of the most prominent civil rights leaders during the 1995 through 1968 ( when he was assassinated).He led many protest through the belief of non-violence and civil disobedience.He went against the Jim Crow laws and other type of segregation and discrimination in the United States. He would lead marches for suffrage, desegregation, labor rights, other rights that weren't allowed to African Americans. He would oversee the Montgomery Bus Boycott and become the president of the Southern Christian Leader Conference.


Some of Martin Luther King Jr.’s accomplishments included the Montgomery Bus Boycott as well as some of the other non violent protests he led.He also became the president of the Southern Chrisitian leadership conference. He was one of the leaders for the protest for the March on Washington at the Lincoln memorial on August 28th, 1963. Which is where he gave his famous speech, “I Have a Dream '' that gained popularity throughout the United States and something we still quote today: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” This speech helped bring forth some laws that would help African American such as the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. On October 14th of 1964 King received a Nobel Prize for fighting against racial inequality by the stragtegy of non-violence. The following year he had a hand in helping organize two of the Selma to Montgomery marches, as well as put his focus on oppsong poverty, capitalism and the War with Vietnam.


Martin Luther King Jr. had many hiurdled he had to cross over in order to get to where he was. The biggest one of all was rqacism since he himself was a black man. He faced many opposition during his protest and had been jailed many times by police and treated uncivile by many people who were against the desegragation of of public spaces such as schools. Restrooms, and stores. and has dealt with attempt of assasination. Despite he still continued with his journey to gain rights for African Americans, However in 1968 he would be assasinated.

What Do They Mean To Me

Since I was little Martin Luther King Jr. was always an iconic figure in our education. We always learned about his heroic deeds as a civil rights activist, the way he used non-violent methods when he marched and his speeches, the most popular being the “I Have A Dream '' which he gave on the Lincoln Memorial . And the purpose for his fight, to change the way African Americans were treated. We can always look at him as an idol for the idea of hope, the hope for change that we need in our life. That is what he meant to thousands of African Americans who marched with him in hopes of better treatment. That is what he means to me, a hope for change. That is what I aspire to be for many people. Because of my career choice I will have the opportunity to change the lives of many people, to become hope for them, the hope for a better life.

How Do They Inspire Me

Martin Luther King Jr. made a difference for African Americans in the United States. He inspired people to fight for themselves. I aspire to be in his likeness in which he fought for the rights of others. I want to be a child welfare lawyer, and that means fighting in cases for foster kids and or children in general. I want to make a difference for these children's lives and help them fight for their rights. Many kids in the foster care system are not told their rights, which allows caretakers to abuse the power they have over the child. Which isn't fair for these children, who don’t have power over their situation. He inspires me in the way that he was selfless and chose to take a stand and make a difference. I want to make a difference as well, maybe not as big as he did during his time, but one that will inspire these kids to take a stand. Martin Luther King Jr. affected the lives of many when he gave his speech, “I have a dream”, he showed people A world where skin color did not matter. Everyone learned something from Martin Luther King Jr whether it was that skin color didn't matter, or that some should be judged by their character, he was role model that we could all look up to. Everyone thought he was a great man, doing what everyone else was scared to do and speak up for his people, speak for the crimes committed against them and the wrongs people did to them. Many different types of prejudice continue to this day. Not only that but abuse of power as well. Even today in America, many are denied their rights as citizens, such as the people of Puerto Rico. They are still fighting for their right to vote and have a say in the legislative decisions of America. Needless to say Martin Luther King Jr. has been not only an inspiration to me, but to other people as well in the fight for human rights. Uncle Ben once said “with great power, comes great responsibility” and we must honor that. If we use the power we have to fight for the betterment of the world and people, we will see results. The world can change for good, just like Martin Luther King did. A role model that symbolizes hope for the people. Hope that everything will change for their children and the next generation that comes from them. If he were to see the world today, I feel as if he would feel happy and accomplished to see that the color of someone's skin no longer matters. That we do judge based on character, not just looks. However, we still deal with prejudice, something that is taught to children, however with better people comes a better future. I know that our present is the future he dreamed of for his kids and their kids and their kids, for all generations that would come. He not only made a difference for African American kids, but for all little kids of color, all the kids who looked different, from what people would imagine an American to look like.