My Autobiography

This site included the life of a current highschool student, Emmelie Miranda, who is currently in her junior year at Inderkum. From the day you were born to the day you graduate highschool, marks the days of your childhood. We all hold onto memories, good, and bad as we grow up. We all have accomplishments, goals, and stories that we wish to express with others. All throughout life we hold onto the childlikeness of ourselves and remember the most important things that made us who we were and changed our goals in order to become the best versions of ourselves.

Throughout this site many pieces of my most important memories will be expressed and shown. Such as pictures I have taken, awards, hobbies, my family and friends through the years, and most importantly the stories I have to share from my childhood. These important moments shape ourselves into what we become once we walk across that stage during our senior year. That shapes who we will be and what we will accomplish during our adult lives, they determine how we raise our children, and how we teach others. As children we go through life in our most naive joy, but as we grow older we gain more sense of the world, its cruelty and goodness alike, we learn how to grow with the world.

Looking through this site will be similar to a time capsule of my childhood, it will hold old memories, but it will aswell hold new ones. The topice that will be discussed include: