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What is Acrobatic Gymnastics?


Acrobatic Gymanstics gets scored by three categories. Execution, Difficulty, and Artistry. Acro has been a sport for a very long time, however, cheer and artistic gymnastics are more recognized. Acro consists of a small group of people (two to four) that compete a sequence of skills that include balance, dynamic, agility, tumbling, flexibility and so much more.

What is Artistry? Artistry is a reward score. I learned that execution starts at a value of 10.0 and you deduct what isn't perfect. With Artistry, it is the opposite. You get rewarded up to 10 points based off of how the dance looks. Is there synchronazation, color, emotion? Does your dance tell a story?

I have been doing Acrobatic Gymnastics for almost five years. I started in artistic gymnastics as a second grader and worked my way up to be a junior elite acrobatic gymnast. I enjoy the family like aspect on my team. I love how supportive this sport is. In most sports you rival against your competitors. In acro, you can become best friends with your competitors! I've made friends with World Champions and learn everything from watching and studying videos. Acro isn't in the olympics (unrightfully), but there is World Championships, Pan American Championships.