3.5 Personal and public communications


Developments in technology have allowed an increasing number of mobile devices to be developed that enable people to communicate anytime, anyplace, anywhere. There is a wealth of information available to society that can be accessed on demand and has changed the way in which people behave.

It is important that the ITGS student is able to discuss the social impacts and ethical issues related to these technologies. These may include the health implications of mobile devices, unauthorized access to wireless networks, interception of communications, storage of personal communications for security purposes, and tracking of people.

Possible scenarios

Students may investigate, both theoretically and practically, the plethora of devices and means of communication that exist in contemporary society, and leading on from this research discuss how they work independently and as part of a network. Further research may lead students to weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of the increasing use of these devices. The ITGS student should also evaluate the potential of existing converging technologies and their compatibility and make predictions about future developments.

IT concepts to address in this topic