3.6 Multimedia/digital media


Multimedia/digital media involves the use and integration of media (for example, text, images and graphic elements, animation, sound and music, and video) to create digital products that are available online or offline.

This topic introduces ITGS students to the technologies that make information accessible through different media and online services. It is important that the ITGS student is aware of the actual uses of multimedia/digital media and, bearing in mind the emphasis on practical work in this topic, has practised using the tools in order to be able to evaluate their effectiveness in various scenarios.

Multimedia/digital media raises questions about a range of impacts, issues and solutions that the ITGS student must investigate, including copyright, intellectual property, and current practices and policies used to grant permission for use.

Possible scenario

A school would like to create a print yearbook with an online version. The print version would contain only text and photos. The online version would also include audio, video and multimedia files. The yearbook team is also considering burning the website version on to a DVD and including it in the back of the printed version of the yearbook. A number of factors need to be considered in producing the print yearbook, the website and the DVD. These are:

IT concepts to address in this topic

Theoretical concepts

Data collection

Product development



Graphics, images and animations



Integrating the components

Generic techniques

Word processing and desktop publishing (DTP)

Interactive multimedia, slideshows and websites